We’re taking on Wroclaw!

On October 19, the “Kariera programisty” (Programmer Career) job fair took place in Wroclaw. Of course eConsulting was one of the many companies representing the IT sector.

For the fair attendees, the event was an opportunity to discover the needs of the labour market, to compare the offers presented by the companies and to directly meet the potential employer. Lectures conducted by experts in the field of technology were an advantage of the fair. During the coffee break, the participants had some time to establish new relations, share their knowledge and experience as well as to exchange their business cards. podbijamy-wroclaw-econsulting

Our company was well-represented by employees of the HR department and by our President, Mr Paweł Dębski who drew the attention of the participants by talking about our projects and presented the possibilities of development at eConsulting to potential candidates. Our stand was very popular. The attendees were interested in our company and filled out the forms we prepared to acquire new contacts and possibly hire them as our new employees. Participation in the “Programmer Career” fair has undoubtedly brought us many benefits.

We were able to acquire new business contacts and arise interest in cooperation with our company among the talented experts.