First day at the new office!

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time! At the beginning of November we moved to a new office in Warsaw, located at ul. Jutrzenki 177. The long wait was accompanied by huge emotions: will everything work out as planned? Will it really be better, nicer and more comfortable?

Now we can be certain that our work is more convenient and pleasant. November 4 was the first day at the new office and that’s when the opening party for our eConsultants took place. Despite the fact that the event looked more like a house warming party, the grand opening of the new office was a success. Our event was accompanied by a Flair Fanatic bartender who made sure that nobody was bored and served exquisite drinks to ensure everyone had fun. Flair Fanatic also prepared a special bartending show for the guests. We also organised a small contest which was related to the main theme of the event: bartending.

Our President, Mr Paweł Dębski acted as the host and welcomed all gathered guests with a speech. Similarly to other similar exclusive parties, there was also a cake – but not a plain cake. We featured an eConsulting cake with the colours of our company and our logo and with candles which were blown by our employees while providing plenty of fun. The food was delicious while the event was optimistic creating atmosphere of family gatherings.