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eConsulting specialises in IT outsourcing connected with the following technologies:

  • J2EE solutions
  • .NET / Sharepoint solutions
  • BI/DWH
    • Microstrategy, Informatica PowerCenter, Tibco Spotfire, Business Objects, EDS, SSRS, SSAS, QlickView
  • WEB solutions
    • HTML 5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • EAI solutions
    • Tibco, WebMethods
  • Solutions for the banking sector
    • Kondor+, Murex
  • Database solutions
    • Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MS SQL
  • Mobile technologies
    • iOS, Android

We have adopted three different models in order to best adjust IT outsourcing services to diversified client needs:

Body leasing

Outsourcing of individual IT specialists who shall complement the client’s team guarantees swift and permanent satisfaction of needs resulting from lack of human resources or skills required during project completion.

eConsulting offers:

  • Technical verification by eConsulting experts
  • Preparation of specialists in accordance with client’s requirements
  • Training sessions in niche technologies

Team leasing

When in need for rapid handling of a complex project which significantly exceeds the existing capacities of the client’s team, outsourcing of individual IT specialists proves to be insufficient. The most adequate solution is to establish a complete IT team, specialised in particular technology.

eConsulting offers:

  • Complete specialist teams managed by eConsulting

Outsourcing of IT services

Many advantages come from focus on core business activity, not only in the area of financial optimisation. A smaller organisation is more agile, flexible and reacts immediately to market changes. Therefore many companies use outsourcing of IT business services.

eConsulting offers:

  • Complex or partial take-over of client’s IT services
  • Improved service provider management in accordance with the specified SLA level


Enterprise architecture

A well-described, properly implemented and executed corporate architecture allows to achieve an excellent adjustment of business, data, applications and infrastructure, and in consequence – more effective IT, higher flexibility, lower risk and higher return on IT investments. The projects in that area, even though achieving the expected objectives, often fail to be completed in an optimised way, taking efficiency and costs into account.

eConsulting offers:

  • Planning, building and implementation of corporate architecture. Completion in accordance with the SOA (Service-oriented architecture) model
  • Analysis of the current model in the organisation and defining the desired one
  • Implementation of ESB (Enterprise Service bus)
  • Architecture optimization

Enterprise integration

Integration of applications is one of major challenges of corporate architecture. A crucial issue is to combine many different systems so that their users experience effective communication and exchange of data.

eConsulting offers:

  • Integration of applications with the organisation’s corporate architecture
  • Transformation of the existing applications in line with SOA, using ESB

IT Consulting

Project management

Complex technological projects require a lot of expertise and experience to properly handle their effective planning, implementation and monitoring, therefore, many organisations decide to assign an external company to professionally conduct project implementation.

  • Analysis for selection of adequate project management methodology
  • Direct management on various levels of project structure, management support and crisis management on behalf of the client

Business analysis

To precisely determine business requirements, each IT project launch will be preceded with an appropriate analysis. Whether the organisation purchases out of the box solution or designs and develop it on its own, specification of needs and translating them into the language of technology is still crucial for successful completion of the project.

  • Business analysis, defining and implementation of needs in the form of system requirements
  • Support in system and/or technology selection
  • Independence – eConsulting is not connected with any IT vendor

Business Intelligence

Constant increase of data volume poses a great challenge for IT departments, but also creates a chance for business development. The analysis of the data collected by organisations allows them to profoundly understand market development, take better decisions and make more accurate forecasts for the future. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we have a chance to improve our understanding of clients’ behaviour and customise the offers. We are also able to optimise business operations by modifying management processes, as well as to confine possible business risks and improve financial results.

eConsulting offers:

  • Strategic consulting in the area of data collected by the company
  • Analysis with regard to future data collection and management
  • Consulting on the processes of acquisition, implementation, development and maintenance of BI solutions

Cloud computing

Cloud computing alters IT environments within companies. Its popularity results from implementation agility and cost efficiency. Additionally, advanced technologies are available on demand, without incurring any significant capital expenditure.

eConsulting offers:

  • Analysis of needs and requirements for cloud model selection, and for particular technological and organisational solutions
  • Application design and implementation
  • Support of client’s systems migration to the cloud

Solution selection

Choosing the best IT solution is still a demanding task for many organisations. Preferably, a solution should meet business and technological requirements, provide an organisation with a functionality which it will be able to fully use, and secure the expected return on investment.

eConsulting offers:

  • Support in selection of IT solutions
  • Review and recommendation of the offers available on the market based on the criteria determined


Management of business processes provides a possibility to increase organisation transparency and efficiency, and to reduce costs. Therefore many enterprises decide to describe their business processes in accordance with recognised standards. However, a mere description is insufficient to acquire benefits. For the processes to be properly measured and managed, you need adequate tools and services. Dedicated IT solutions not only help to design the processes, but also facilitate their measurement and monitoring, I.e. allow for comprehensive process management. As they are specially designed for business users, no technical expertise is required to be able to efficiently use them.

eConsulting offers:

  • Consulting in the area of BPMS acquisition, implementation, development and maintenance

IT infrastructure service

Application development and support

Maintenance and development of software in the organisation makes for significant workload and requires substantial financial means. Frequently, the most adequate solution is to concentrate own efforts on large projects and major changes, and to transfer performance of works connected with day-to-day system maintenance and the so called “small development” of applications to an external supplier. It allows to ensure high quality of system functioning and to adopt necessary modifications in accordance with the applicable schedule.

eConsulting offers:

  • Complex maintenance and development of software
  • Programming works connected with maintaining proper functionality and efficiency of applications

System maintenance

The efforts involved in IT system maintenance are a sine qua non of proper functioning of the organisation. If maintenance works are performed in line with best practices, it is possible to ensure that high quality IT services are rendered to business entities on an ongoing basis.

eConsulting offers:

  • Complex maintenance of systems performed in accordance with ITIL rules

System administration

In view of the increasing complexity of IT systems, the administration thereof begins to be a challenge for many organisations. Expert know-how necessary for proper handling of tasks in that area becomes more and more extensive. At the same time, in case of many enterprises, it has no key importance, therefore system administration may actually be outsourced.

eConsulting offers:

  • Administration of IT systems
  • Preparation of dedicated teams to provide niche technology services

User support

Fast and efficient resolving of problems occurring during daily work is of major importance for acceleration of company activities. It eliminates outages and extended time of customer service. The main challenge for many enterprises is to secure second- and third-line support, as it requires highly qualified specialists to spend their time and solve problems of other users. Using the services of external suppliers is often a better solution. The fundamental advantage is primarily cost efficiency and high quality of services rendered.

eConsulting offers:

  • Second- and third-line support of system users

Software development

Applications development

The applications available on the market cannot always provide all necessary solutions for the organisation. Sector specifics, unusual business models, innovative approach to traditional business issues – these constitute most crucial factors influencing the initiation of the building process of a dedicated application. Selection of an external contractor which will be handling the entire project, leading to the delivery of a finished product, is time- and cost-effective, and often brings best results.

eConsulting offers:

  • Designing, creating and testing business applications
  • Support at the stage of defining requirements

Mobile applications

Mobile technologies have changed modern world in just a decade. We can perform any task from virtually any location, at any time, only by using our smartphone or tablet: talk to friends, watch a movie, do shopping or send an income tax return. These changes apply also to the business environment. Employees may perform their duties not only at office, while clients have access to company products and services at any time. What stands behind each of those changes are mobile applications, turning mobile devices into a fundamental business tool.

eConsulting offers:

  • Design, building, development and implementation of mobile applications
  • Developing applications for Android, iOS, Windows platform

Web applications

Success of an Internet project relies on the applications which are constantly adjusted to the needs of an enterprise, fulfil the needs of clients, and ensure an adequate level of scalability, reliability and safety from technological perspective.

eConsulting offers:

  • Design, building, development and implementation of web applications
  • Complex support in all phases of project completion

Software quality assurance


Tests constitute one of the major elements that allow for arranging high quality software already in the production phase. During that period it is possible to detect errors in the code itself, as well as potential problems which may occur in the entire environment upon its implementation. This complex process requires knowledge and experience – testing should begin with the phase of building a testing environment and planning of activities, through taking tests, to preparation of final reports which present their results in detail.

eConsulting offers:

  • Manual tests executed by the group of specialised testers
  • Automatic tests performed using dedicated software
  • Participation of the whole team with a project manager


Testing with regard to errors does not respond to all crucial questions connected with quality of software. The applications should be also checked for their compliance with the requirements set forth by the ordering party, as well as compliance with external regulations and legal acts. It concerns in particular pharmaceutical and financial sectors, whose activities are governed by many legal provisions and standards.

eConsulting offers:

  • Validation of systems and software in accordance with legal regulations which are binding upon the client

System and application management

Release Management

Business software is under constant development – correction of errors, addition of new functions, introduction of upgrades, taking tests, followed by implementation of a service pack. Management of the process is challenging especially in case of large, complex systems, whose development involves many specialists, and where resources are distributed. Therefore, it is necessary to precisely supervise all activities connected therewith.

eConsulting offers:

  • Management of releases and service packs
  • Preparing, programming, tests and implementation of changes

Configuration Management

Works connected with assuring that capability and availability of all functions of IT systems at the same level are described as configuration management. All activities related to the above are specified by applicable standards and ITIL.

eConsulting offers:

  • Planning, identification, monitoring of changes and checking correctness of configuration

Data migration

Data is the underlying element of any IT system. Quality and consistency of data often decides whether the system will perform its intended purpose. Hence, data migration is one of the most important challenges in IT projects related to system replacement or integration. What is vital is data completeness and undertaking the activities aimed at data cleansing.

eConsulting offers:

  • Preparation of data migration schedules
  • Building and tests of dedicated tools supporting the migration process

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