Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD) is the world leader in applications used for human resources management in organizations. The applications are available as cloud-based solutions compliant with SaaS model. CSOD products include software supporting employee recruiting, training, skill development, progress tracking and assessing. It also helps HR departments with day-to-day tasks improving their performance and effectiveness.

eConsulting being CSOD official partner offers cloud solutions for selected modules of the platform. We specialize in solutions supporting training processes – as well as in a thorough solution encompassing the following modules:






The eC-Learning team is a group of highly experienced consultants operating on multiple levels during the implementation and post-implementation cycles. The team is assisted by CSOD-certified engineers and technicians within the scope of the solutions offered.

Having many years of experience and recognizing diversity of our clients’ needs, we offer full spectrum of services in implementing the CSOD solution as well as technical, business and user support for organizations using the platform. For implementation we offer following services:

  • needs analysis and solution tailoring
  • implementation and configuration
  • testing and validation
  • integration, maintenance and development

Sales support

During the first stage our consultants demonstrate functionalities and capabilities of the solution, provide a test version of the platform and perform a pre-implementation analysis. The analysis helps to identify business goals and to tailor the solution to individual needs of the company. A well-executed analysis is crucial for effectiveness of the system implementation.


Solution Implementation

The eC-Learning team executes a thorough implementation of CSOD solution purchased. The process is divided into four stages: designing the solution to meet client’s needs, preparing configuration of chosen solution, databases and systems integration as well as data and content migration. Our team performs variety of actions in order to ensure quality and stability of the system and solution implemented.

Planning and configuration

Our consultants prepare recommended configuration of the solution based on analysis and propose it in form of implementation workshops. This phase is about defining in-depth scope of the implementation in order to adjust the solution to meet business needs of the organization:

  • Definition and business goals
  • Workflows,
  • Modules and system parameters configuration including:
    • Organizational structure: users, groups and divisions, hierarchy and organization’s model
    • Configuration of user roles and their permissions
    • User profiles configuration
    • Defining dedicated user interfaces and system views/dashboards
    • Setting up reports and their parameters: transcript and progress reports, billing reports, system reports
    • Notification and email systems
    • System settings including regional and language settings
    • Setting up content catalogs, adjusting trainings, schedules, certificates, assignment rules, availability options

Integration and development

eConsulting technical team is present during the entire implementation cycle providing support in following areas:

System integration

  • Integration with user management, identity and access systems (Identity Management, Active Directory, SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Integration with databases
  • Integration with billing systems, sales support and customer service

Data and content migration

  • Preparing the plan and executing data migration (organizational structures, users list, archive data)
  • Preparing and executing the content migration (training materials, external content)
  • Verifying and testing the migration process.

eConsulting consultants work closely with client’s representatives throughout the entire process providing advice and proposing the best solutions as well as training their employees.

Quality check and testing services

Since ensuring the highest quality and performing thorough testing of implemented solution are equally important, we execute a series of functional, integration, and user acceptance tests. This process is supported by experienced Team Leaders who are responsible for maintaining adequate documentation (plan and test reports) and supervising all test steps. We also perform system validation complaint to GMP and GAMP polices in case of implementations within pharmaceutical industry. The scope of validation is individually specified, based on the risk analysis. The validation is performed by a dedicated Validation Leader, member of eCvalidation team (internal part of eConsulting structure).

Validation Leader joins the implementation team to prepare a detailed list of requirements as well as necessary validation documentation. They also cooperate with the planning team in order to prepare technical documentation and quality procedures required for the system maintenance stage. Validation Leader can also function as a Test Leader.

Technical support services

Providing stable technical support for organization’s business is crucial for maximizing the use and efficiency of technology. Based on our excellent knowledge of implemented solution, good practices in maintaining IT services, and accurately identifying company’s needs, we have developed a set of three support services for the implemented solution:

Release and version management

Our support suite contains control and supervision of quarterly releases, vendor software updates and system service updates.

Detailed services of quarterly release and version management include:

  1. Analysis of new version and planned updates that can impact the existing components.
  2. Administration of test environments, support of functional, user acceptance and regression tests
  3. Re-configuring the system to accommodate the changes.
  4. Production environment stability and compliance checks after upgrading to the new version.

Additionally we provide constant monitoring of system updates, patches and other activities being done on production environment.

Change management

Change management is the core process keeping the balance between the need of introducing changes in an IT system and retaining its stability and reliability. This process ensures that all changes are introduced in accordance with standard methods, processes, and procedures to achieve the highest possible effectiveness. It is an essential process for systems that have undergone validation. Validation Leader takes part in the evaluation of changes, supervision over necessary documentation and testing.

Our consultants guarantee this process is complete and thorough. It covers the following areas:

  • Change initiation and registering requests for change
  • Thorough analysis of the influence, costs, benefits and risk assessment of the proposed changes
  • Coordination and management of tests and change implementation
  • Monitoring and reporting on the change implementation process

Technical support levels

To ensure work continuity, fast and effective replies, data safety, and competent counseling on the solution tailored to your needs, we offer a three-level support system, based on the ITIL model.

First line support – Helpdesk

Helpdesk is the first-line support for everyday work with the Cornerstone OnDemand system. Its main responsibilities include assigning, solving, and monitoring any queries or requests regarding the CSOD system. Clients can contact Helpdesk via e-mails, phone calls, or instant messaging. Our Helpdesk consultants have knowledge of base elements of the system and are aware of its status. Technical expertise, exceptional communication skills and foreign language proficiency are our team’s main assets. Although majority of queries reported to our consultants are straightforward and can be solved with simple actions such as changing the password or permissions, they do require excellent communication management and query status monitoring. Issues beyond expertise of the first-line team are escalated to the next level of support.

Second line support – Incident management

Main responsibilities of second-line support consultants include resolving more complicated issues regarding the application and supporting the configuration management of end-user’s software (i.e. web browser compatibility and system software issues). Incident management is also responsible for changes and queries from business users, requiring system parameter reconfiguration or any other functionality for its current version.

Third line of support

The last line of technical support deals with very complex cases and system errors arising from incidents, as well as general problem management. The main focus here is to prevent incidents from happening and minimizing the influence of those that cannot be avoided.  At this level, our team works directly with software provider and guarantees efficient communication regarding the definition and management of changes to be implemented into a system or module.

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