Your benefits

Working at eConsulting is more than just executing professional duties. By joining us you get access to a variety of benefits and a range of possibilities.

Medicover medical care

After a three-month period of cooperation, each consultant is entitled to a Medicover medical package, providing access to private medical care. We also co-finance family packages.

Multisport sports package

After working for six months, our consultants have the option to make use of the Multisport sports package. The card gives wide access to sports clubs and other sports and recreation facilities.

Training package

Each consultant is entitled to a training budget of up to 8,000 zł per year. As part of the package, external training and certification courses are offered. Consultants also have access to internal training as well as language courses organised at the company headquarters.

The ability to work from home

For some projects, remote work is possible. With the increase in the length of service of the consultant, the number of days that can be spent on remote work increases.

Cooperation stability and safety

We care about the work comfort of our consultants and, therefore, we offer the choice of form of employment while maintaining the continuity of projects. We cooperate on contract basis for an indefinite period after completing the probationary period. After the completion of each project, we offer participation in the next one or the implementation of projects within the organisation.

The choice of form of cooperation

Specialists coming to us have the opportunity to choose the form of cooperation – an employment contract or contract. Regardless of the choice of the form of employment, all consultants are entitled to the same benefits.


eConsulting allows its consultants professional development in line with their ambitions and potential. Everyone is entitled to an annual budget of 8000zł for training and courses. We also offer participation in a specially prepared mentoring program.

Interesting projects

Projects offered by us encourage continuous development and raising of professional qualifications. They also give access to international know-how. Moreover, their multicultural nature allows for perfecting both language and interpersonal skills.

Work atmosphere and integration

In our everyday work, we focus on relationships. With our consultants in mind, we organise dufferent types of gatherings and corporate events. We take care to provide numerous attractions and original ways of spending time – shared cooking, bartending shows, paintball and others.

Meet us

Currently eConsulting is a team of nearly a 100 consultants – professionals in the given field of technology. Together we are building a work atmosphere based on professionalism and mutual understanding. We create an environment conducive to personal development and friendly relations.


In each recruitment process, we see the chance to meet people full of commitment and enthusiasm. People are the most valuable asset of our company. We believe that only collectively are we able to create the best solutions. Therefore, in addition to competence, passion, integrity and communication skills are important to us.

The recruitment process consists of several stages and serves to get to know the candidate’s interpersonal qualities.



You send your CV

We receive your CV sent on-line or to our email address:


We contact you

During the initial phone conversation, a person from the recruitment department examines your expectations and needs.


We verify your skills

We contact you again. Our technical consultant conducts a technical interview, during which he/she determines your level of competence. This is your perfect chance to ask initial questions concerning the technological field or the role in the planned project.


We create your profile

After a positive technical verification, we create your Profile and organise a meeting with the project manager. At this stage, the conditions of the future cooperation are also determined.


You meet with the manager

At this stage, an interview with the project manager is carried out, who decides about your participation in the project as well as your scope of responsibilities.


You start the project

With the favourable opinion of the manager, you start the project in constant cooperation with us. This is also when you sign the Agreement.


eConsulting is a team of professionals with international experience, supporting our customers in the field of IT. They possess the appropriate knowledge, qualifications and abilities, as well as commercial experience, in the desired field.

Our consultants have an influence on their own professional development and career path in accordance with their aspirations and competencies. Our team consists of professionals of varied experience.

We distinguish the following competence profiles:

We make sure that our consultants feel appreciated and their efforts put into the development of their professional qualifications are supported and promoted. Every year we conduct a survey examining the satisfaction of our consultants, where they define their expectations and aspirations. This allows us to then propose suitable professional steps.

We are very well aware of the uniquely dynamic nature of the IT industry. It is essential to constantly improve and acquire new skills. We provide our consultants with access to international know-how and willingly invest in their new skills. Participation in projects is an excellent opportunity for development, but investing in professional training is no less important to us.



The person in this position often has very limited experience working in the given technological field. Often, this is someone pursuing their studies, having completed their apprenticeships, changing industries or starting their own projects.


Junior Consultant
This person has at least one year of experience of working in IT. He/she has basic knowledge and is committed to further development.


Professional Consultant
The consultant in this position demonstrates a minimum of 3 years of professional experience. He/she independently performs their duties and is focused on continued professional development.


Senior Consultant/Technical Leader
This is a person with at least 5 years of experience in the industry, working on prestigious projects. They possess very high technical skills as well as the potential to convey their knowledge to junior consultants.

Team Leader
The person in this position has at least 10 years of experience in the industry and demonstrates broad technical knowledge. He/she also has strong interpersonal skills enabling the effective management of the work of junior workers.


The company offers programs and training opportunities such as:

  • Mentoring program – an internal program addressed to working consultants who wish to expand their knowledge of new technological fields. The program is run by consultants who are experts in the particular fields. Every year, 4 to 5 mentors and technologies are selected, which are consistent with the development strategy of eConsulting.
  • Internal industry training – these are sessions organised only for the employees of eConsulting. Usually these are technical sessions, including Salesforce, iOS, Tibco. In addition, depending on the need, we also offer training in soft skills. These activities aim to support the everyday work of our employees.
  • External training and courses enabling the obtaining of official certificates – these are sessions provided by external companies and financed by our company. eConsulting offers a training package of 8 000 zł per annum for each employee. However, this is not a fixed amount. We believe in a case-by-case, individual approach to employees.
  • Additional training in foreign languages. Classes in English and French are currently being conducted.

Working atmosphere

At our company, cooperation does not only mean engaging in projects. We create an atmosphere conducive to mutual integration. We believe that only as a close-knit team can we achieve more.

Regular integration events

As part of our integration activities, we organise outings to restaurants, pubs and clubs. We actively spend time at unusual events, such as cooking together or bartending shows. In the summer, consultants are also invited for weekend company trips. Last year’s integration trip, which was full of activities such as paintball and more, was especially successful.

Introduction of new consultants

Each new person can expect a proper introduction to their responsibilities, thanks to the care of a person from the personnel department as well as other consultants. Experience has shown that new consultants adapt to the organisation very well and quickly.

Effective communication in the office

We make sure that all departments of the company (personnel, sales, accounting, management) as well as the consultants work in the same place. As a result, outside the formal channels of communication, it is possible to exchange information through regular conversation.

The possibility of remote work on selected projects

Depending on the project, we offer the possibility of work in our company office, in the office of the client, work from home, or a combination of these forms. The amount of time you can spend working within the remote formula depends on your work history in the company. The longer the length of service, the more days you can use to work remotely.


We care about the comfort of current but also future employees. We are always open to conversation and willing to respond to questions.

Is eConsulting a recruitment company?

eConsulting is a company dedicated to IT consulting. It is not a typical personnel consulting agency, since the sought-after specialists are employed directly by our organisation. This means that we take care of the employees throughout the entire period of employment, we offer them excellent benefit packages and provide interesting projects. We are focused on long-term cooperation.

How does the recruitment process in eConsulting work?

The first stage immediately after the emergence of a new project is the verification of CVs stored in the company’s database of candidates as well as those arriving in response to job advertisements. Next, an interview is conducted, usually by telephone, checking the knowledge of foreign languages and other aspects such as availability, preferences as to the location of work place, and financial expectations. The candidate is asked to fill out an application form for the position. Persons meeting the basic requirements of the project are invited to a meeting at the office. This is the ideal moment to learn about the candidate’s professional experience and to present the possibilities offered at eConsulting. Technical verification, where the experience, skills and qualifications of the candidate are checked, is also part of this meeting. Depending on circumstance, this verification may be also conducted by telephone. The result of a positive assessment of a candidate is an interview at the office of the Client.

Why are the same jobs appearing constantly?

We cooperate with many international companies who are constantly looking for experienced people for their projects. The demand for IT professionals is very high. eConsulting constantly attracts new clients and that is why there is a growing number of projects. Consequently, employees with similar skills are often sought after and the job advertisements remain unchanged.

How long does it take to process the application?

We always try to respond as soon as possible to applications. Sometimes we even contact candidates the next day. However, this all depends on the given project and the period may range from about two weeks to as long as a month. Once the candidate’s profile has been matched to a position, we undertake the next steps of recruitment. If there is no information from us about the recruitment progress for a long time, it means that we are also interviewing other candidates for the position. However, every application, with included clause on the protection of personal data, is stored in the company database. This enables proper matching of candidate profiles to the future projects.

Do people without experience have a chance of employment at eConsulting?

eConsulting is largely a group of IT professionals with experience. We engage in projects people with relevant abilities and skills. However, this does not close doors for those at the beginning of their career. Some projects allow us to employ people with no experience. We are happy to invest in young talent and are able recognise new potential.

What happens to an employee after the completion of the project they were working on?

When offering employment, we are focused on long-term cooperation. Consequently, after the completion of the project, each employee has the opportunity to engage in a subsequent one. We make every effort to ensure that the new projects meet the current needs of our specialists. The company has a personnel department which takes care of the smooth transition between projects.

Why are some eConsulting consultants not working in the company office?

Most of our consultants work in the eConsulting office. This enables the integration of employees, better ability to get to know each other, and a more efficient flow of information. We want everyone to feel comfortable when cooperating with us. However, some projects require a more frequent presence at the office of the Client. Then the work is proposed outside our office. Another example is remote work, where the consultants perform their duties from home.

How does the consultant contact the company while he/she is working at the office of the Customer?

We communicate with our consultants mainly by phone and company e-mail. This is inevitable especially in the case of people working at the office of the Client. Another form of contact is through company events. We invite every employee to our monthly staff meetings, integration trips, holidays and other occasions.

What to do if I would like to cooperate with eConsulting, but at the present moment I do not see a job offer appropriate for me?

Application documents are collected by us in order to respond quickly when we have a new project. Information about the candidates in our database enables the effective and appropriate matching of the profile with a given position. The IT industry is extremely dynamic. Therefore, we invite you to send us your CV regardless, preferably in English and in an editable version, to the email address Please indicate your preferred position. Each CV is analysed by us and stored for future recruitment processes.

If I already once sent the application documents to eConsulting, is it advisable to apply for a given position again?

During each recruitment, we check the received documents which we then save in the company’s database of candidates. All applications containing the clause on the protection of personal data are stored for current and future recruitment processes. Re-sending application documents for the same or similar position allows us to update in the database the candidate’s willingness to participate in the recruitment process. Therefore, there is no impediment to sending applications multiple times. It should be noted that when we have a new project we always return to the candidates who are already saved in the database.

What should a candidate do if they would like to respond to several job postings?

In case of interest in a number of job offers, there are two possible modes of action. The candidate can apply for the position that best suits him/her with additional information about the willingness to participate in similar recruitment processes. Alternatively, one can apply for each position separately. However, please note that in this case, it is difficult to clearly determine which offer is most attractive for the candidate.

Does the company provide the opportunity to work abroad?

We readily welcome foreign projects. Our clients are international corporations from different industries, who seek professionals for work both in Poland and abroad. The recruitment process for foreign projects is the same as in the case of Polish job offers. Essentially, when hiring for foreign projects, we look for suitable people among new candidates, or we promote our current staff. We take into account the current needs of our consultants, enabling them to influence their own career. We support their desire to broaden their skills and abilities.

Is knowledge of foreign languages required to work at eConsulting?

Knowledge of foreign languages is highly appreciated at eConsulting. You should be prepared for the verification of your foreign language skills during recruitment. The vast majority of projects require the ability to communicate freely on a daily basis in English. The required language proficiency level can be found in each of our advertisments. The clients of eConsulting are primarily international companies that require the knowledge of English. Other languages are undoubtedly a big advantage. However, sometimes there are job offers not requiring the knowledge of a foreign language.

Are job offers only limited to technical positions?

The strength of eConsulting is a group of IT professionals who are involved in various projects. This team is constantly growing. The development of the company requires the efficient functioning of the personnel, sales, accounting and management departments. This often presents the need to reinforce the office with non-technical staff. You can check the current demand for these types of positions on the company website or in online job postings.

What is the confidentiality agreement?

In order to continue with the recruitment process, each candidate is required to read the contents of the confidentiality agreement and accept it. This is a standard document that allows us to recommend a given candidate to the Client. Please note that the agreement applies only to projects conducted for one particular company and is constructed so as to ensure the safety of both the candidate and our company. We customarily provide the candidate with the content of the document in advance and respond to any possible questions.

What is the candidate's application form?

This document is one of the stages of recruitment. Each candidate participating in our recruitment process is asked to fill out a form pertaining to the given position. The form relates to the data of the candidate, their financial expectations, the notice period, professional and language skills, and a self-assessment in terms of particular technologies. Filling out the application form is necessary for further recruitment interviews.

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